Floral Sculptures

On this page I will be showing some art glass flora I have made the past few years. This first piece I created in 2008 of glass flowers that grow wild in Hawaii. There are 3 stems of Heliconia (Parrot’s Bill), 2 Torch Ginger, one Shell Ginger and 3 large leaves. The heliconias are in shades of garnet on white, one full flower spike, one just opening and a tight bud with strap leaf. The 2 torch gingers are almost 18″ tall with clear glass inside buds so that they glow in bright light. They have been done in a “graal” technique, hand carved cold to expose red/orange/yellow layering and reheated to fire polish them and add stems. The softly hued shell ginger has over 30 buds, 5 of which are opening at the top of the cluster, just gorgeous! The 3 large strap-like leaves complete the set and they all come in an exquisite Dichroic on juicy orange blown vase with yellow foot that is 10″ tall. Overall height is 20″. This set is featured in The Flow’s recent annual “Women in Glass” edition.


This next piece is a Cattleya Orchid stopper on a furnace blown perfume bottle. Over 7″ tall.

A borosilicate tree branch with a removable soft glass African Gray Parrot bead

This one is a fused glass base with perfume hidden in a waterlily bud with dragonfly stopper and additional lily flower.