Fusing Classes

Interested to taking glass fusing classes taught by award-winning artist Debbie Crowley? Please email for available dates, and deposits of 50% are required to hold space.



Glass fusing and slumping: Three day class, 7 hour classes each day. Learn the process of fusing glass, testing for compatibility, reasons for stress and breakage, safety, fusing with “free” glass. The second day you watch your piece fuse, and go over annealing, charting and graphing firing schedule, other variables and considerations. Day three you are slumping your piece, learning mold materials, release agents, devitrification, testing for correct anneal with filters and problem solving. This is a VERY intensive one on one private only class, and you pick up your finished art glass piece the day after last class(or it can be mailed) to enjoy for years to come. You will be comfortable fusing even larger platters and bowls and making your own custom molds for glass! 3 days, 7 hour classes 10-5 $750


Intermediate Fusing: A 2 day class to take things a little further and do some combing at about 1700 degrees, fascinating! Day 2 we grind and slump the piece, and go over other techniques such as lusters (like gold and opal), enamels, frits and how to make them, using stringers and dichroic glass. We discuss advanced mold-making and draping, sagging, drop out rings, a VERY exciting and hands-on class, also one on one private and very intensive! You take home your art glass piece the day after last class (or it can be mailed to you) 2 days, 7 hours 10-5pm, $450


Cross-over Fusing: A 2 day class where we torch components (must have some lampwork ability!) and use bits of blown glass and other precious metals, lusters, mica, dichroic and other items to create a truly gorgeous one of a kind art glass piece. No boundaries, even gettin’ “in” the kiln to manipulate hot glass, tell me what you want to discover, where YOU want your art to go and we’ll do it! You take home your fused piece that can be slumped or further enhanced later. Find dimensions never imagined with this class! Private one on one also. 2 days, 7 hour classes, $450

Please wear cotton clothes, closed toe shoes, bring a sack lunch, drink and snacks if you need them. Please bring your imagination too!
Email me deb@debcrowley.com for available dates!