Lampworking Classes with Deb Crowley

Thank you Deb…I don’t think I ever told you, but your class during Glass Stock was a pivotal point in my lampworking. The way you described each step and the techniques you used to move the glass made a huge difference in my little critter beads…not to mention my fish smile emoticon!

– Bonnie Stowe


Lampworking classes with Deb Crowley are currently being offered on the Oregon Coast. Classes are offered only on a one-to-one basis in private formats, so that we can work at YOUR speed and on YOUR goals. Please email me at to get current date(s) availability.


Beginning Lampwork: Beadmaking. You learn on the carlisle mini-CC burner torch, basic bead techniques & shapes, heat base and control, pulling latticino cane, simple stringer pulling, marvering and gravity, casing, and raking. Safety, set up, types of glass & annealing. 6 hours 10-5pm (Bring a lunch) Private instruction $250


Intermediate Lampwork: Beadmaking. Learn more advanced techniques such as multi-layering, casing foils, advanced cane work , advanced metal casing, more stringer pulling and control, advanced latticino, plunging, casing for depth. 7 hours 9-5pm (Bring a lunch) Private instruction $300


Beginning Sculpture: Sculpture with Borosilicate Glass (Pyrex). Learn a basic bead with boro glass, then throw away the mandrels and lets “punty up”. Learn the basic sculpture techniques and create several animals and an angelfish out of “hard” glass with Northstar Boro color and clear, and then I go back to a “soft” glass like Moretti and demo sculpting again, amazingly easy once you have the tips! Safety, set up of oxy/propane system, annealing & striking boro glass colors. 7 hours 9- 5pm (Bring lunch) Private instruction $300


Other advanced classes such as signature cane and advanced sculpture upon request. All classes include materials and you keep what I demo each day, all have a one hour lunch break (2 or more classes booked together deduct $50 per class after first class). 50% deposit required to hold your private dates, book now!