New Training DVDs

Welcome to our new page for deb crowley’s training DVDs where you can learn new glass techniques even when you are not attending one of her Glass Stock conventions or at her private/group classes.  We will be adding new classes here to the DVD page, but choose below from the available DVD classes.  Each class is taught and filmed by deb crowley so you can see her own techniques and watch/learn at your own pace with your DVD copy.  To order your DVD, just visit the class page you are interested in and follow the payment instructions and your personal copy will be priority mailed nationwide throughout the US.  For international orders, please contact deb directly here.

Fish 101 DVD

Presenting the deb crowley’s new video DVD training! It is titled Fish 101 and I show you how to make 3 Soft Glass fish and a bonus manatee bead.  Learn more…

Shells 101 DVD

Presenting the deb crowley’s new video DVD titled Shells 101.  This DVD shows you how to make 3 different shells and builds on skills mentioned in my E-Book Shells TutorialLearn more…

Glass Stock

Glass Stock is a sharing and collaborating event which has run for over 17 years by Deb Crowley and many other fantastic artists with much success! Starting with a small group of 30 friends in 2003 in Oregon, Glass Stock has grown to almost 80 participants in Glass Stock 2015 and has expanded to the east coast as well.

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eBay Auctions

Check out my current eBay auctions by clicking here, and enter debcrowley in the search box or use the seller search for debbiecrowley.